scabies on handAre You Still Suffering With Scabies?
This Simple 3-Step

Natural Scabies Treatment
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Here's How It Works:
This Natural Scabies Treatment Uses

2 Powerful Natural Ingredients
Scientifically Proven*

To Kill Scabies

  • Sulfur


    FACT: Sulfur Kills Scabies.

    *SOURCE: A Research study conducted by Dept. of Dermatology-Baghdad Teaching Hospital from April 2008 through October 2009.

    RESEARCH SUMMARY: The research study included 97 patients suffering from scabies. Patients were treated using 8% and 10% sulfur mixed with petroleum jelly.

    The 97 scabies patients were divided equally into 3 groups.

    Patients in Group A received the sulfur scabies treatment only 1 time, and had a 42.4% success rate.

    Patients in Group B received the sulfur scabies treatment for 3 successive nights, and had a 90.6% success rate.

    Patients in Group C received the sulfur scabies treatment for 3 successive days, and had a 96.9% success rate.

    In conclusion the researchers found that sulfur is an effective scabies treatment, and the best strategy to treat scabies successfully is to use a sulfur treatment for 3 successive days.

  • Tea Tree Oil

    tea-tree-oilFACT: Tea Tree Oil Kills Scabies.

    *SOURCE: A Research Study conducted by Menzies School of Health Research, and Northern Territory Clinical School, Flinders University, Darwin, Australia in 2004.

    RESEARCH SUMMARY: Researchers discovered that Tea Tree Oil and it’s active component terpinen-4-ol were highly effective at killing scabies mites.

    The researchers concluded that Tea Tree Oil is an effective substitute for permethrin cream and lindane treatments, which have both become ineffective in recent years due to scabies mites evolved resistance to the treatments.

An In-Depth Look
At This Simple 3-Step

Natural Scabies Treatment

Note: The letters HPUS indicate that the ingredient(s) in these products are officially monographed in the Homephatic Pharmacopeia of the United States.

  • Step 1

    Scabies Treatment Oil

    Drip a few drops of the Scabies Treatment Oil into the water each night while you enjoy a relaxing bath. It smells great and helps kill scabies at the same time!

sulfur scabies oil


  • Sulfur (6X HPUS) *Proven Scabies Killer
  • Lemongrass Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil *Proven Scabies Killer
  • Step 2

    Scabies Treatment Soap

    Use the Scabies Treatment Soap while you shower/bathe. Thuja Occidentalis also helps relieve itching caused by scabies and other skin conditions.

sulfur scabies soap


  • Sulfur (1X HPUS) *Proven Scabies Killer
  • Thuja Occidentalis (6X HPUS)
  • Step 3

    Scabies Treatment Cream

    Apply the Scabies Treatment Cream after your bath to make sure no scabies survive. The cream also soothes itching and helps relieve scabies symptoms.

sulfur scabies cream


  • Sulfur (1X HPUS) *Proven Scabies Killer
  • Shea Butter
  • Calendula Oil
  • Jojoba Oil

Scabies Treatment Reviews
From Naturasil

Secret To Killing Scabies

Posted by Ashley from Kansas City on 17th Feb 2014


I found you all in desperate attempt to find something… anything that worked to get rid of these darn itchy little mites. My husband and I tried everything our doctor prescribed. Nothing worked.

Naturasil is my scabies killing secret now! We’ve been treating since the second week of January and its almost over Our skin is almost done healing up from the burrows of the mites. We aren’t itching.

I don’t feel like I have bugs crawling on me anymore. My clothes and bedding aren’t being fanatically washed every single day.

I can safely say Naturasil got rid of my scabies.

Thank you guys for having such a great combo of products.

Worked after nothing else did!

Posted by Bridgett on 21st Mar 2012

My family and I tried multiple treatments of prescription cream. They would go away temporarily and then eventually come back.

Just about at my wits end, I stumbled onto this site searching for homeopathic treatments. I purchased the family pack, and used it as recommended.

Within a couple of days, the symptoms eased, and within a week, I had no new spots. But I stopped using it, and a few new spots popped up a couple of days later.

I restarted treatment, and after the 2nd treatment, they were completely gone.

It’s been over a month, and we’re still all symptom free! If you have tried multiple treatments and are still struggling, I would highly recommend trying this.

Some people don’t like the smell, but it really didn’t bother me. Frankly, I would have put up with just about anything to get rid of these darn things!

If you’re searching, best of luck to you. I know how frustrating it can be trying to get rid of them!

The Nightmare Finally Ends!

Posted by Bryan on 23rd Jan 2012

If you are reading this i know exactly how you felt.

I have been “trying” to get rid of these nasty things for over two months with no success with countless other products.

It has been a week since i started this regimen and i am FINALLY sleeping and getting back to a normal existence.

If you are serious about getting rid of your scabies don’t think twice about this product!

This Stuff Works!

Posted by Mary on 19th Oct 2012

I got Scabies from a hotel while on vacation. Dr. perscribed the usual toxic Permethrin which didn’t do a thing even after 2 treatments.

I used this product and started seeing results within a week. I should have ordered the larger family size as I reordered the starter pack again just to make sure this terrible parasite was gone. They are worse to get rid of than Lice!

We have found that applying 90% alcohol on your body a few times during your stay at hotels will lessen the risk of scabies as my husband never had them.

Follow all the instructions to the letter and you will get rid of them!

This stuff works!

These products saved my life.

Posted by Madison on 20th Jan 2014

After spending 3 months travelling in Europe, I came home completely infested with scabies.I had never heard of those parasites.I nearly went insane from sleepless nights.The intense itching was intolerable.

I isolated myself from my family,sleeping on an inflatable mattress covered with plastic, wash the sheets clothes blankets everyday put my pillow in the dryer for 1 hour,use benzarid everywhere I sat even in the car.My life was all about getting rid of this infestation.

I also took black walnut,wormwood and clove herbal supplement internally.I am so grateful to have found this product.Be patient , be diligent and disciplined it is the only way out of this nightmare.

Note: All reviews were taken from the Naturasil Scabies Starter Pack and Naturasil Scabies Family Pack.

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WARNING: Every single person in your household should be treated at the same time to avoid reinfestation. This is extremely important! It takes a very small amount of mites to spread scabies.

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